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Police Brutality & Misconduct

Police brutality and misconduct occurs when a member of law enforcement uses excessive force and violates typical police protocol. Our legal team will work hard to protect you and your rights because we are committed to justice and fairness under the law.

Education Justice

Advocating for the rights of children who have been suspended, harshly disciplined, inappropriately placed in special education, or in need of support with their I.E.P.s (individualized education plans).

Criminal Law

If you are facing criminal charges and are in need of a strong criminal representation, our lawyers will evaluate your case and work to achieve a just outcome on your behalf.

Administrative Law Hearings

Administrative law hearings typically involve a citizen and a government agency. If you believe that you have been wrongfully denied government services, our legal team will make sure that you know your rights and will provide strong representation.

Small Business Representation

Our law office will work to resolve business disputes, handle legal burdens, and offer assistance for clients starting small businesses or those who are trying to build their small businesses.

Workplace Discrimination 

When our clients have experienced discrimination at work, they need to know what tools they have at their disposal. Equal employment opportunity commission enforces laws surrounding employment and job discrimination. Our team will represent you and assist in filing a complaint with the E.E.O.C.

Family Law

Our legal team handles cases involving family relationships such as divorce, adoption, child custody and other legal matters concerning family.


We offer a range of legal investigative work including but not limited to workplace investigations, fraud, labor law issues, corruption, and much more. Our lawyers will tailor to the needs of our clients.

Clients Feedback

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